Welcome to SimpleSMDR

SimpleSMDR is a Open Source web based application to help you make sense of your PBXs SMDR data. I created this due to the need for a simple means of collecting, sorting and reporting on the huge amount of data streaming out of my PBX. I did not need the elaborate system to provide billing, traffic analysis etc that I found all the available applications provided, I just wanted to see what calls were being made to make sure the Telco was not charging me for calls I did not make! Naturally this has evolved and I have added basic call costing and additional reporting features based on requests from others who have adopted my application. Currently the appliance will only work with Mitel SX-200ICP or 3300 model PBXs but it can be easily configured to work with any PBX if you know the format of your streaming data.

How does it work?

SimpleSMDR is built around a simple Perl script that monitors an IP port for streaming data. This script strips the relevant data from the stream and places it into a MySQL database. A web interface provides the access to this information stored in the database. Searching and reporting via this interface makes it easy to find exactly what you need to find in seconds.

How do you get it?

The fastest way to get SimpleSMDR up and running for your office would be to download the VMWare appliance. Simply download the zipped appliance, unzip it and load the appliance with you VMWare application. I have used both the free player and server versions of VMWare with this appliance but I will suggest you use the server as it will allow the appliance to be loaded without having to login to your system. For more experienced users I have provided the Perl scripts, MySQL database script and website that you can download and add to an existing LAMP server.

Configuration instructions

Once you have the VMWare appliance loaded the first step is to check and configure the IP Address so that you can communicate with web interface, to do this you first need to login with username administrator and the password Adm1n!. Next enter the command "ifconfig" and check the result, the first line should start with "eth0", if it does then we are halfway home! If it does not then we have to do a little tweaking of the network, see the below step:

Type command "dmesg | grep eth" and note the eth# from the results. e.g. eth1.

Type command "sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces" to edit the file and enter the Administrator's password when prompted. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the eth0 an change the it to read eth1 or whatever your result from the dmesg query was. Exit the editor with Ctrl X, Y, Enter to save changes.

Use "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" to reload the networking with your new settings. Check ip configuration again with "ifconfig" and you should have an eth1 entry on the top line. Make a note of the line similar to inet addr: as that is the address you will need to access your application.

Open a web browser on your PC and point it to the ip address noted above and you should get the default apache page indicating a working web server. Change the browser to point to http://ipaddress/simplesmdr/ and the login page should load. Login with the same username and password combination.

Once you have access to the SimpleSMDR application the next step is to adjust the settings in the Initial System Setup link at the bottom of the page. The entries need to be adjusted to suit your PBX IP address and streaming port number for the application to begin gathering data. The admin email address will receive warning relating to disconnection from the PBX. Using the application is pretty straight forward and I will not get into that here, I am working on a users guide and will post it on this site when I have completed it. Please remember that this application can only be used with Mitel products at the moment but can be configured to work with others by adjusting the Perl scripts to match your streaming data.

All Perl script files and web application files are in the administrator's home directory /home/administrator for those who want to make changes to the application themselves. If you have a different PBX to the Mitel models listed which is capable of streaming SMDR data then you can edit the connect.pl script to match your PBX data stream. If you need help with this please provide me with an example of the data stream and I can assist with a new script to match your PBX. This will also help others with the same PBX to make use of the application as I will make all these scripts available online once I know they work. For those without IP enabled PBXs I suggest you investigate a serial-to-IP converter such as a iPocket232 which will convert your serial stream to IP.

I have included the Webmin and phpMyAdmin management interfaces for system and database administration, please see these applications manuals for assistance. For assistance with VMWare please see their website.